Clubs Constitution


Wherever the following terms and expressions are used in the text of this constitution, they shall have the meaning, which is hereby ascribed to them.

1.1       "The Constitution" shall always stand for the Constitution of

1.2       "The Club" shall always mean the Athletic Club.

1.3       "C.G.A" shall stand for Central Gauteng Athletics.

1.4       "A.S.A." shall stand for Athletic South Africa.

1.5       "The Chairman", "The Secretary","Treasurer" and "Vice Chairman" shall always mean the officials as specified, of the


2.       THE NAME

The name of the Club shall be                           

3.       ADDRESS

3.1       The postal address shall be

             PO Box 626



3.2       The physical address shall be

             Ampie Barnard Park

             Mouton Road


4.       COLOURS

4.1       Vest: Red vest with white bordering around the neck and armholes, white winged shoe on top left front, toe facing inwards, and “Roodepoort” inscribed in white above the winged shoe as well as “Roodepoort” inscribed in white on back of vest.  

4.2       Shorts:  Black

4.3       The club emblem shall consist of a red and black winged shoe.

4.4       The club honours badge shall be similar in design to the club emblem, and   words “Honours” and “Roodepoort Athletics” shall be inscribed thereon.

4.5       The club badge shall consist of a gold and black winged shoe with the words “Roodepoort Athletic Club - Atletiekklub” inscribed thereon.

4.6       The club honours badge shall be awarded at the discretion of the committee to such members of the club who, by their services to athletics in general and to the club in particular, merit such distinction.

4.7       The club’s colours shall be worn by all members whenever they represent the club in any event, league or open competition.

4.8       The club track suit shall be of a plain red colour and white winged shoe embroidered on left front of jacket, toe facing inwards.

4.9       The club badge shall be worn on a black blazer. 


The aims and objects of the club shall be to foster, encourage, improve, control and manage the sport of athletics in all its forms, in the area under its control and jurisdiction.


6.1       By affiliating to the C.G.A.

6.2       By providing suitable grounds, premises, facilities, equipment and other conveniences necessary for the practising and carrying out of sport of athletics.

6.3       By acquiring in all legal manner of means, such property, both movable and immovable as may be required to achieve the aims and objects of the club.


7.1       Membership is open to all persons.

7.2       Application for membership must be done in writing and will be accepted at a meeting of the committee of the club.

7.3       All active members of the club shall be licensed as required by CGA and subscriptions shall be due at the beginning of each licensing year.

7.4       All resignations from the club shall be submitted to the committee in writing and shall not become effective until accepted by the committee.

7.5       The committee has the power to suspend any member whose conduct it may consider detrimental to the interests and good name of the club, and to remove the name of such member from the books of the club.

7.6       The committee may approve that person, who have been proposed and seconded by active members, be allowed as a social member. A social member shall be required to pay the prescribed subscriptions.

7.7       Nominations for honorary live membership shall from time to time be submitted to the committee who, after investigation and approval, shall submit such nominations to the annual general meeting for acceptance.

7.8       Honorary life members shall not be required to pay subscriptions.


Membership of the club does not grant to a member any right, interest, claim or demand in or to any assets, money or property of the club. Membership only grants to a member the rights and privilege of entering into and upon the ground of the club, free of charge, except on such special occasions as may be decided.


Should any member, in the opinion of the committee commit any wilful breach of the rules or by-laws of the club, or be guilty of improper, dishonest or unsportsmanlike conduct or fail to make payment of monies due to the club after due notice, or be guilty of conduct in any way offensive to members, or introduce into the club any person whose presence therein shall be prejudicial to the interest of the reputation of the club, or objectionable to the members, or should any member be guilty in the opinion of the committee, of conduct unbecoming or prejudicial to the interests and reputation of the club, whether within the club's presence or outside them, the committee shall have power to:

9.1       expel such member; or to suspend such member or to deprive him or her of any or all the rights, benefits and advantages of his or her membership during such time or period as the committee in its absolute discretion may deem fit and advisable; or

9.2       call upon such member in writing through the secretary to resign, and if he or she fails to resign within (7) seven days of date of such request, to expel such member; or

9.3       call upon such member to appear before the committee and explain his or her conduct and should such member fail to appear when called upon, to suspend or otherwise deal with such member in terms of this 8.1

9.4       Any decision of the committee in terms of 8.1 shall be notified to the member concerned in writing.

Any member who is expelled or suspended or otherwise dealt with by the committee in terms of 8.1 shall have the right to appeal within (14) fourteen days after the posting of the notice, against the decision of the committee, to an extraordinary general meeting of the members, which shall be convened forthwith upon his/her notifying in writing of his/her desire to that effect, to the secretary.

The fact that any such decision of the committee as herein contemplated shall be under appeal, shall not have the effect of suspending the operation of such decision pending the hearing of the appeal.


The management of the affairs of the club shall be under the control of the committee.

The committee shall consist of:

10.1     Chairman; Vice Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer and additional members as decided by the committee.

10.2     Every member of the committee as set out above shall be entitled to one vote at committee meetings with exception of the Chairman who in addition to a deliberate vote shall also have a casting vote.

10.3     Members of the committee as set out above shall also be elected annually at the annual general meeting of the club. The names of the nominated members as set out above must be submitted to the Secretary within 14 days after the date of the notice of the annual general meeting.

10.4     Should any vacancies occur in the committee, the remaining members shall have the power to fill such vacancies except that of the Chairman who has to be elected by a general meeting, and to appoint, whenever necessary an acting Chairman pending the election of such officers.

  10.5     The committee as defined in Clause 9 (ii) shall meet at least once a month.


The powers of the committee shall be: ­

11.1     to appoint sub committees for the purpose it may deem necessary to further the aims and objects of the club and to receive, consider and deal with all reports of such sub committees.

11.2     to appoint Club Captains for the various facets of the sport and empower them to represent the club on CGA meetings of the facet they represents.

11.3     to prepare or cause to be prepared an annual report and financial statement and balance sheet for submission to the annual general meeting.

  11.4     to raise money in such a manner as the committee may think fit

11.5     to secure the fulfilment of any contracts or engagements entered into by the committee;

11.6     In the name of the club, to institute, conduct, defend compound or abandon any legal proceedings by or against the club; or its officers, or otherwise concerning the affairs of the club and also to compound or allow time for payment or satisfaction of any debts due, and of any claims or demands by or against the club.

11.7     To refer any claim or demand by or against the club to arbitration, and to perform or refuse to perform the award

11.8     to sell, lease, alienate or otherwise dispose of part or parts of the movable property of the club as they may think fit with the consent of the members at an extraordinary general meeting called, and to apply the consideration there from to such manner and to such purpose as they may think most advantageous to the club;

11.9     The powers of this committee shall be to enforce the rules of A.S.A and CGA as an amateur athletic club.

11.10   to co-opt any member of the club who, by reason of special qualifications is able to assist in the management of the club.

11.11   To expel or suspend any member of the club for conduct detrimental to the interests of the club, or to refuse to accept any application for membership without assigning any reason therefore.


12.1     The committee shall meet once every calendar month.

12.2     All meetings of the committee shall be convened by written or verbal notice to be addressed to all members of the committee at least (7) seven days before date of such meeting.

12.3     In cases of extreme urgency, the time allowed for the convening of a meeting may be reduced at the discretion of the Chairman and Secretary, in which case members of the committee may be summoned verbally either in person or by telephone to such a meeting.

12.4     The quorum at the committee meeting shall be four (4) except in the case of an emergency meeting.

12.5     A committee consisting of the Chairman and one or two members of the committee (3 in all), be delegated to deal with matters of urgency -such matters to be confirmed at he next committee meeting.

12.6     The procedure at all committee meetings shall be as prided for in this constitution for general meetings.

12.7     Minutes shall be kept of the proceedings at all meetings of the committee and  copies of all such minutes shall be circulated to all committee members.

12.8     Any elected Member of the committee who shall be absent from (3) consecutive meetings of the committee without apologies, shall be deemed to have vacated his seat.

12.9     The minimum time to give notice of absence for any committee meeting is 24 hours.



13.1.1.  At least one-fifth (1/5) of the club members over 16 years of age and in good standing must be represented at the general meeting to form a quorum.

13.1.2. Should there be no quorum within one half-hour (1/2) after the time for which the general meeting has been called, the meeting shall stand adjourned for seven (7) days at the same venue and time and the Secretary shall immediately give notice to all club members.

13.1.3.Those club members represented at the adjourned meeting shall be deemed to be a quorum and the business for which the meeting was originally called shall be proceeded with.

13.1.4  The Chairman of the club shall preside at all general meetings of the club. Should the Chairman not be present, the Vice Chairman will preside over the meeting and if the Vice Chairman is also not present, the members present shall elect from amongst themselves one member to preside at such general meeting.

    13.1.5. Voting shall take place:

     In case of persons by hand

               In case of other matters by show of hands

     The Chairman shall have a deliberate vote as well as a casting vote.

     Minutes shall be kept of the proceedings at all general meetings of the club and certified copies of such minutes shall be posted to all members of

     the committee and all club members in good standing.


13.2.1  The annual general meeting of the club shall be held during March of each year.

13.2.2  Notice of the annual general meeting must be in writing giving the venue, date and time and the agenda shall be posted to all members and office bearers of the club at least (21) twenty-one days before the date of such meeting.

13.2.3  At every general meeting of the club, members in good standing shall be entitled to vote.

13.2.4  The following business in the order given shall be dealt with at the annual general meeting:

  • Notice convening the meeting
  • To read and adopt the minutes of the previous annual general meeting and to deal   with matters arising  there from
  • To read and adopt the minutes of any special general meetings which may have been held since the previous annual general meeting and to deal with matters arising there from.
  • To receive the annual report of the committee
  • To receive the financial statement and balance sheet.
  • To elect the members of the committee of the club.
  • To deal with any special business of which due notice has been received at least 30 days prior to the annual general meeting so that it can be embodied in the agenda accompanying the notice convening the annual general meeting.

13.2.5  Members of the outgoing committee, provided they are willing to stand, are automatically nominated.


13.3.1  A special general meeting of the club shall be called:

  • Upon a resolution to that effect by the committee
  • Upon a receipt of the requisition for such a special general meeting, signed on behalf of at least 20% of the general club members in good standing, and giving reasons for holding such a special general meeting.
  • The Secretary shall send out notices in writing to all club members within seven (7) days of receipt of such requisition, giving venue, date and time and clearly stating the business of such a special general meeting.
  • The date of such a special general meeting shall not be less than fourteen (14) days nor more than twenty-one (21) days from date of dispatch of the notice convening such a special general meeting.
  • The business of such a special general meeting shall be to deal with the special business for which the special general meeting has been called.

13.3.2  No business other than that for which the special general meeting has been called, can be dealt with at such special general meeting unless agreed to by at least two-thirds (2/3 ) of the accredited delegates present.

14.              SUBSCRIPTIONS

Subscriptions will be reviewed from time to time by the committee.

15.     FINANCE

15.1     The finance of the club shall accrue in the following manner,

15.1.1  by membership fees

15.1.2  by gifts, grants, donations and legacies

15.1.3  by interest on investments

15.1.4  by profit on sales of refreshments at sports meeting programmes and other sales.

15.2     All moneys accruing to the club shall be deposited in a banking account in the name of the club.

15.3     All moneys and other assets belonging to the club shall be under the control of the committee of the club.

15.4     As far as it is practical, all payments made on behalf of the club shall be made by cheque plus adequate vouchers shall be obtained for all such payments.

15.5     The officials of the club authorised to sign cheques on its behalf shall be the  Chairman, Treasurer and anyone other member of the committee. All cheques  must be signed by two signatories.

15.6     The Treasurer shall keep proper books

15.7     Financial statements (audited if possible) should be submitted to each annual general meeting and he shall give a brief report on the finances of the club at every meeting of the committee

15.8     The committee may order an audit of the accounts at any time.

15.9     The financial year end will be February of each year.


The constitution shall only be amended at the annual general meeting or a special general meeting called specifically for the purpose of amending the constitution.

17.     BY-LAWS

The committee shall have the power to form by-laws for the management of the club, providing that the by-laws are in no way in conflict with existing rules, such by-laws to remain in force until the next annual general meeting, when it shall be confirmed or rejected.


Any paid-up member of the club shall be entitled to a copy of the constitution which shall be provided on request, and all members on joining the club shall be expected to, and will be deemed to be fully conversant with all the provisions of the constitution.


In the case of the strict meaning of any of these rules being questioned, the interpretation of the committee shall be binding on the members.


Nothing in this constitution contained shall be in conflict with the rules and constitution of the CGA and ASA.


The dissolution of the club may only be affected when ­a resolution supported by at least 70% of the members in good standing and passed at a special general meeting called specifically for this purpose.